Master Lee Changho
Master Lee Changho, 9-dan

Lee Changho is a famous Korean Go master and arguably the strongest professional of all time. He has many fans around the world, who are attracted to his peaceful and solid playing style. It seems much easier to understand his games than those of other top players, such as Lee Sedol or Cho Chikun.

We have decided to create an international fan club for Lee Changho, 9-dan.
Would you like to join it? Mind you, it's not that easy.

First, you have to pass a short test on Lee, 9-dan
However, should you get 50% or more, you will receive an excellent reward - 50 commented games, played by Lee Changho.
If that were not enough, we will also allow you to leave messages in our fanbook.

Every year the best messages will be translated into Korean, and I promise to print them and show them to Lee Changho, 9-dan, when I meet him at Go tournaments.

Your message to the master
The first message

It was a great honor for me to play a tournament game with Lee Changho, 9-dan. Although I was comprehensively defeated, I was deeply impressed by his Go style.
I will be the first one to join the fan club!

Dear Master Lee, you are still young and full of energy. I am sure that you are as strong as the other top players in the world. Lee Sedol, 9-dan? Gu Li, 9-dan? They became great players by studying your games! They must be happy to take more go lessons from you! Please continue to lead the way!

Alexander Dinerchtein, 6-times European champion

The second message

Lee Changho, 9-dan was still largely unknown in Russia when I started to play Go. We learned Go mainly from books and from the games of Japanese professionals - Takemiya, Fujisawa Shuko, Kato Masao and others. Their Go styles were so impressive!
But Lee Changho's games were different - no fights, no moyos, no capturing races traversing the entire board. He could win most of his games peacefully - without risking complicated fights.
Some years ago I wrote that the real Go master, or the true master of martial arts or business, is not the one who shows off the most spectacular moves, but the one who could see beyond them and proceed simply.
Let's talk about Lee Changho! We don't need other names on this site! We are gathered together because we love his games.

Igor Grishin, the president of the Go Federation, Russia

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