kj01a 12kyu US
<3 u Lee Changho!

Đặng Xuân Hiểu 15k OGS VN
Hi Master Lee

It is great to join Fanclub and see your style of playing.

Thank you all for what you have done to Go. Hope you best wishes and I wish I could meet you in person. I come from Vietnam

Ksos 3d FR
simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Fred 5dan FR
I really like his old style, I became 5 dan by replaying his games again and again. Definitively recommend it to everyone.

Andrey1962 100 RU
I am beginner in baduk. Learning your games I hope to become stronger in baduk. Best wishes from Russia. Andrey.

TheRealRio 10k RU
I very glad join to fan club this great master! I hope see more amaizing games from Lee Changho!

Nahuel García 6 kyu
It would be awesome to see you play more in your old style. Thanks for many amazing games!

존경합니다 사범?!

Napath 4D TH
Master Lee, I have learnt a lot from your baduk, its very useful, I do really appreciate it.

Fighting!!, I will always stand by your side.

Paul B Rimmer 14k GB
I am just a child at baduk, trying to make his first steps. When I first started my first games a couple months ago, I almost gave up study, but when I learned about your peaceful and simple style of play, I decided that there was much for me to gain if I continue learning about baduk. Even if I cannot yet appreciate the technical depths of your moves, your style has helped me appreciate the game more. When I play peaceful and simple moves in a game, I enjoy the game, even if I lose. Thank you.

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