Fred 5dan FR
I really like his old style, I became 5 dan by replaying his games again and again. Definitively recommend it to everyone.

Andrey1962 100 RU
I am beginner in baduk. Learning your games I hope to become stronger in baduk. Best wishes from Russia. Andrey.

TheRealRio 10k RU
I very glad join to fan club this great master! I hope see more amaizing games from Lee Changho!

Nahuel García 6 kyu
It would be awesome to see you play more in your old style. Thanks for many amazing games!

존경합니다 사범?!

Napath 4D TH
Master Lee, I have learnt a lot from your baduk, its very useful, I do really appreciate it.

Fighting!!, I will always stand by your side.

Paul B Rimmer 14k GB
I am just a child at baduk, trying to make his first steps. When I first started my first games a couple months ago, I almost gave up study, but when I learned about your peaceful and simple style of play, I decided that there was much for me to gain if I continue learning about baduk. Even if I cannot yet appreciate the technical depths of your moves, your style has helped me appreciate the game more. When I play peaceful and simple moves in a game, I enjoy the game, even if I lose. Thank you.

Harkonnen 16 kyu DE
Your peaceful playstyle never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for being awesome.

Shenlom 12K RU
My pleasure, to join fan club Lee Changho.
I want to learn more about Lee and his style.


Jermelle MacLeod 2d US
Hello Lee Changho. I have studied your games for 2 years now, and my style is like yours. Thank you for your wonderful moves and please, come to America!

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